Colorful high-altitude fireworks, glowing cascades of fireworks and ground fireworks are art in the world of pyrotechnics. Like any piece of art, fireworks and fireworks are the creation of flashing paintings, glowing effects, and vibrant abstract compositions.

Each event is a fun and thorough preparation that requires creativity. Depending on the scale of the event, you can choose the most suitable pyrotechnic items. The light show, amazing in its beauty and brightness, will give the audience an unforgettable experience.

All pyrotechnic effects, which include fireworks and fireworks, can be roughly divided into four categories:

  1. High-altitude fireworks
  2. Medium fireworks
  3. Ground fireworks
  4. Stage pyrotechnics

High-altitude fireworks


Professional high-altitude fireworks are the most powerful and most spectacular of all types of pyrotechnics. They can rise to a height of 400 meters and open up with multi-colored spheres in the form of various curly effects (golden willows, red peonies, twinkling stars). Individual elements create flashes and burst with a strong sound effect, forming a smoke cloud. A battery of fireworks belongs to such a grandiose fireworks display. The shots are fired sequentially automatically, creating a unique long show. The larger the caliber, the higher it rises into the sky and gives a large spreading diameter of pyrotechnic elements. Such a performance will require certain pyrotechnic equipment and specially trained personnel.


Medium fireworks

It is also called park fireworks - it is one of the brightest and most dynamic types of fireworks. The maximum lifting height is 80 meters. This type of fireworks includes: rockets, Roman candles, fireworks installations. Such pyrotechnics have a small caliber and, accordingly, the effect of the shot is less voluminous in diameter. On the other hand, it is possible to create a spectacular and spectacular performance thanks to the fast rate of fire. It is noteworthy that you do not need special knowledge to launch such fireworks, it is enough to read the instructions and follow the safety precautions. All pyrotechnic products in this category are a single element, each of which creates a certain visual and sound effect. Thus, by attaching several separate pyrotechnic elements, you can create an amazing show. And if you accompany such a fireworks with a musical composition, then the effect of it will be many times more impressive.


Ground fireworks

This type of fireworks includes fireworks that create visual effects at a low height - up to 10 meters. This category includes: fountains, volcanoes, flares, fireworks figures, inscriptions, logos. This pyrotechnics is referred to as "hot" and smoky, so the show must be held in open areas. One of the main features of ground fireworks is that they are static and dynamic. And if you combine them with each other, you can create colorful performances. These can be the names of the newlyweds laid out, a path of fountains, fiery wheels, burning figures in the form of a heart. For a birthday, you can imagine in the form of burning numbers, complemented by burning mills on both sides of the date. They will add dynamics to the overall composition of the pyrotechnic show. It is ground fireworks that are most often used in various events, such as weddings, anniversaries, parties, and birthdays.


Stage pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics that can be used indoors in close proximity to people are referred to as "cold" fireworks and are called stage pyrotechnics. The peculiarity is that the combustion temperature is very low with a small amount of smoke and odor emitted. These include cold fountains and volcanoes. Due to its properties, stage pyrotechnics are used at various parties, corporate parties, concerts, festivals, weddings, anniversaries and other holidays. Most television shows use stage pyrotechnics.

The use of fireworks allows you to turn any festive event into an unforgettable celebration and theatrical show. Only high-quality materials are used for the production of products. We guarantee the reliability and safety of our products. And remember about the rules and safety measures, which must be followed without fail in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In our store, a wide range of products is presented, where everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves. All products presented in the catalog are distinguished by their power, color, spectacularity and other properties that will correspond to your holiday.

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