Any kind of pyrotechnics is dangerous. Violation of the rules for the use of pyrotechnics will lead to danger to human health and life, as well as damage to property and material damage. When purchasing household pyrotechnic products, one should seriously prepare for its use, study the attached instructions, and, if possible, seek professional advice.


Each type of fireworks and fireworks has its own characteristics and conditions of use. The same thing cannot be correctly applied to all pyrotechnic products. Remember! Carelessness and carelessness can lead to irreparable consequences.


Safety engineering

buy only certified products;
the package must bear the trademark of the official distributor;
the packaging must be intact, dry and not wrinkled;
it is forbidden to use the product indoors, if it is not provided by the instructions;
not trust pyrotechnics to children;
it is forbidden to direct at people and animals;
it is forbidden to disassemble pyrotechnic products either before use or after;
it is forbidden to launch from the hand, from a window or balcony;
it is forbidden to hold working pyrotechnic products in hands;
it is forbidden to bend over the lit pyrotechnics;
do not use expired pyrotechnics;
dispose of the product with household waste after soaking it in water.

How to properly launch fireworks

read the instructions carefully before preparing for launch;
launch fireworks at a distance of at least 20 meters from any building, cars, trees, transmission lines, flammable substances, as well as spectators;
the wick should be set on fire at arm's length;
launch fireworks only when sober;
before starting, make sure that the pyrotechnic product has no visible damage (dents, cracks);
if the wick burns out when starting and the product does not work, do not try to restart;
it is not recommended to launch fireworks when the wind exceeds 10 m / s;
make sure that there are no children or animals in the fireworks launch area;
entrust the launch of the fireworks to professionals;
after the end of the fireworks, do not approach them for 15-20 minutes.

Storage of pyrotechnic products

stores in a closed, dry, cool, ventilated place;
do not place the products near open sources of fire, near radiators;
keep the products out of the reach of children and pets.

Remember! Pyrotechnics were created to give viewers pleasure, joy and an unforgettable experience. And in inept and irresponsible hands, even the most harmless thing can lead to danger to life. Most accidents when using fireworks and salutes occur precisely because of irresponsibility and negligence.


Take care of yourself, the health and life of the people around you!

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