In Chisinau, not a single holiday takes place without its enchanting end. A beautiful and bright final part of any event will leave an unforgettable experience not only for children, but also for adults. A spectacle of color and sound special effects will make up the culmination of the holiday and add special significance to the solemn event.

There are certain traditions according to which the type of fireworks is selected. For example, a wedding celebration is not complete without a fountain path for newlyweds or a colorful background for photo shoots. Pyrotechnic items letting out colored smoke will serve as an addition. In addition, it is difficult to imagine winter holidays without a battery of fireworks or sparklers, and birthdays without cold fountains in the cake.

And in order to choose the right pyrotechnic products, we will consider the criteria and ways by which you can easily choose high-quality fireworks and fireworks.


The first thing to determine is at what height the fireworks should go off. If you want guests to enjoy the spectacle against the backdrop of a dark sky, then high-altitude fireworks should be considered. These include rockets, Roman candles, or batteries of fireworks. For a ground shoy, fountains and volcanoes are suitable, which are accompanied by a bouquet of color sparks with noise effects. If you intend to use special effects indoors, then most of the types will not work for you, but you can use firecrackers, sparklers or cake fountain candles.


How much are you willing to allocate to make the holiday beautiful and memorable? This will determine the options for fireworks from which you choose. The more enchanting the show, the more expensive it is.

Number of volleys

Depending on the model, rockets can take off at certain intervals, one or several pieces at a time. The most profitable ones are multiply charged fireworks. For example, a battery of fireworks creates up to 200 effects lasting up to 2 minutes, small fireworks - up to 20 volleys, medium - up to 90 volleys.


The caliber is the size of the inner diameter of the barrel of the launch tubes, of which the fireworks are composed. The power of the special effect charge will depend on this parameter. The larger the caliber, the greater the height the charge rises, the brighter and more varied the volleys, which means the greater the radius of the effect. For a rich effect, buy a salute with a caliber of at least 1 inch.

Working hours

Working time and time between shots are indicators that require special attention. The dynamics of the show itself depends on this. The longer the operating time and the more volleys, the more intense the fireworks will be. If you want to watch each effect unfold, it is better to choose a fireworks with a long run time and a small amount of charge. If you want dynamism, then there should be more charges, respectively, and the operating time between volleys is less.


Modern fireworks allow you to choose almost any color. You can create shows in one color, or you can combine several colors for a more spectacular show.


One of the most important criteria when choosing a fireworks display. Buy pyrotechnics only in specialized stores and always ask for certificates of conformity. Also check the packaging for intactness and expiration date. Choose an open space for launching fireworks, observe safety precautions and do not allow children and animals to appear within the installation radius, do not allow anyone to approach the box with the fireworks at the end of the shooting for at least another 10 minutes.

To make your holiday successful and leave only good and bright memories, we advise you to entrust the organization of the pyrotechnic show to professionals.

On our site you can find high-quality pyrotechnic products for every taste. And our consultants will always help you make a choice, answer any questions and help you understand the variety of all products.

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