According to statistics, on the night of January 1, during the New Years, more dogs run away than on any other day, so special measures must be taken to ensure their safety.

Not only the holiday itself is dangerous, but also the month before it starts, when everyone begins to prepare and the New Year mood gradually appears. People begin to blow up firecrackers and fireworks long before the start of the holiday itself. That is why it is necessary to prepare your pets for the holidays in advance.

Even the smartest dog breeds are afraid of loud noises - this is natural for this type of animal. Sounds disturb their nervous system. And the fact that the dog runs away from the noise manifests its instinct for self-preservation.

Remember that for your dog, the sounds of fireworks are something different from other natural noises, such as thunder. Fireworks are more directed towards the ground, more vibrating and are accompanied by sudden rumblings, flashes and the smell of burning. Because dogs perceive the world through their senses - nose, ears and eyes - New Years can be overwhelming for them.

How can we protect ourselves and our four-legged pets from unnecessary stress?

1. The best solution is to take the dog out of town, where it is quieter and calmer. The worst thing is to leave, leaving the dog alone at home or in the wrong hands.

2. Prepare in advance of the holiday a bed for the dog in the corridor or other room that has no windows and is maximally isolated from the noise from the street. Put your favorite toys there, give them treats - let the animal have a place to hide and thereby reduce its anxiety.

3. Make sure that your dog is easy to find if he does get lost. She must have a token on the collar, a microchip at the withers (registered in the database of your country). If the dog walks in a harness, also put on a collar with a token (the dog can twist out of the harness, the harness can be removed from the dog). A bright bandana, a vest with reflective stripes - all this will help you find your pet faster.

4. While walking, try to bypass groups of teenagers who, in your opinion, are going to blow up firecrackers. Don't let your dog get close to a possible source of fear.

5. Do not let the fearful dog off the leash (at least a week before the holiday and a week after).

6. If your animal has been shy before, check with your veterinarian about what medications you can give your pet in advance, what - in case of unexpected problems with fear. Keep in mind that the same medications can act differently on different animals.

7. On a holiday, give your dog a full morning meal and half of it during the afternoon and evening. If you are feeding twice a day, make both portions in half. Guess the daily routine so as not to feed the dog in the interval from 12 noon to 22-23 pm - then he most likely will not want to use the toilet at midnight. Few treats can be given. Walk the dog well in the morning, then in the afternoon, at 2 pm. In the evening (for the last time), bring it out at 18.30-19.00. Perhaps even at this time you will not avoid the rumble around, but still, the danger that someone will throw a firecracker under your pet's nose is much less. If you have a small puppy, let him make a puddle at home, but don't take him out for a late walk. Cleanliness is easier to achieve than boldness. If you know that the dog can describe itself from fear, put on a diaper, and you will be calmer, and you will not have to take it out urgently.

8. On a holiday, do whatever it takes to keep your dog from getting overexcited. Excited dogs react much more strongly to new sounds and smells. Avoid playing or training unusually with your dog if you know your dog is usually aroused.

I hope these tips will help you to make it easier for your pet to get through the New Year holidays.

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