Return and exchange of goods

One of the important components of the activity of our online store is that the goods sold are certified and insured with a brand guarantee. But, despite the high quality guaranteed, in our practice there have been isolated cases of product defects, for example, the fireworks battery does not fully charge, the wick burns, but the work does not start, some of them charges worked in the pipe, damaging product design. we have a similar product and you want to exchange it with another or return the money, then contact our operators at 069668233 or 069740018 and we will definitely solve your problem.

To change or return a defective product, you need:

- a photo of a defective product or a video of a failed fireworks display.
- proof of purchase (sales receipt);

We also draw your attention to the fact that upon receipt and payment of the order, the buyer, in the presence of the courier, is obliged to check the packaging and appearance of the product for the presence of physical defects and completeness. After the courier leaves, claims regarding these issues will not be accepted.

It is NOT a defect and does not affect the operation of the product. Damage to the decorative foil from the bottom or top, but at the same time the body of the product, the wick and the tubes are intact and have no damage.

The exchange or refund will NOT be made if:

all product loads are completely depleted very quickly / slowly
the product fell on its side during operation
the product shows signs of mechanical damage to the housing or opening
the effects, in your opinion, do not correspond to what you saw on the video on the site
operating, transport or storage conditions have been violated