Spinning CLE3515

30 MDL

Spinning CLE3515, 6 pcs per pack

Code: CLE3515 Amount in a package: 6 шт

Fireworks are flammable. Before use, carefully study the instructions on the packaging and in this leaflet.

Category 1, 2, 3 entertainment fireworks SHOULD NOT be coordinated with local government fire authorities.


It is prohibited:

1. Use fireworks by children or leave fireworks unattended;

2. To activate products with visual defects;

3. Lean over the product while activating it;

4. Launch fireworks near objects of increased fire hazard, hospitals, boarding schools, as well as launch the product from the hand, rooftops and balconies;

5. Disassemble, make changes in design or use for other purposes;

6. Throw powered fireworks at living things;

7. Use fireworks by persons who are not sober, or under the influence of narcotic, psychotropic or drugs that reduce the perception of reality;

8. Smoking or lighting open flames in areas where fireworks are stored or prepared;

9. Strike and throw fireworks;

10. Use fireworks at night from 22.00 to 7.00. Violation of the specified time of use entails administrative responsibility;

11. Finding spectators at a distance less than the safety distance indicated on the product.

12. Approach an unused product earlier than 15 minutes;